When Dogs Understand Your Feelings

Dogs have proven themselves to be best friends for humans. They have shown various signs to understand our emotions and they then act accordingly.

Check out these situations when your furry friend understood you like humans do and reacted accordingly. These behaviour signs may be very subtle and can easily go unnoticed so read on so you get them the next time.

When you are sad:

A dog will immediately pick up signs of sadness off your face and body language.

Then the dog will observe you quietly from a corner in the room. He will come and lie down in your lap silently. Or if you are crying he may lick your tears off.

He may also not have his food or lose interest in everything he does. Because when his master is sad he feels nothing is right.

When you are angry:

Dogs can also sense anger right off your body language and face.

For a newer relation between the dog and its owner, it may need some time before this happens but as time goes by, dogs quickly realise that something is off with you.

Dogs become submissive and show signs like crouching down trembling or whining and in the worst cases may even lose bladder control.
When we love or hate something:

When we love something a group of hormones which include serotonin and dopamine are released that induce feelings of joy, infatuation and ecstasy.

On the other hand there are some hormones that are related to hatred and sadness and or fear. You dog can feel all these feelings and it in turn starts hating that thing.

God save that thing if it is a person, your dog may chase them till they are away from you at a safe distance or may even attack them.

When we are scared:

A dog’s nose is very sensitive and it can pick up on subtle scents of hormones you release. Which also helps them understand when you are scared.

When they know you are scared larger dogs like a Doberman will shield you from the danger and will stride forward to protect you.

On the other hand smaller dogs will hide behind you, follow your lead and will feel scared themselves.

So, this was a list of feelings that your dog can sense off you. Do let us know if there are some more feelings that your dog picks up.