What tech has for you?

Tech Witty is all that you need- let us see how? Do you have an application idea? Design and development of applications for that look and work well. Before starting each development, we advise our clients on the benefits and disadvantages of each platform (iOS / Android) in search of the best balance between costs and performance of the application. We care about delivering the best user experience and performance in each of the iPad or tablet apps we develop.

We care about usability and create an attractive design, with a superior user experience that will boost the use of your Android Tablet application.

Our app development team has extensive front-end experience and integration of back-end systems for the development of world-class tablet applications. If you need an app design that is different and meets the communication and marketing objectives of your business model, you are in the right place. We take care of the design and development of the app that works and that generate measurable results. The app of your company is your silent vendor, is always willing to generate new business opportunities and should turn your visitors into potential customers. Tech Witty has an Online Marketing department to offer you the best communication and promotion strategies of your app, getting it to reach the largest possible number of users.

Tech Witty – Design and development of Apps:
We are experts in mobile app design and mobile application development. The consolidation of smartphones and tablets as means of accessing digital content has fostered a new market full of possibilities for companies and entrepreneurs. These new supports require a meticulous and meticulous design work, in which it is necessary to internalize the cognitive processes of the users and their mental models in new paradigms of interaction. Here, we specialize in analyzing your needs and propose an implementation strategy, the design of user experience for mobile devices and the development of mobile apps for any tablet and smartphone device.

We take care of the development of native mobile applications, for iPhone and iPad on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile operating systems. If you require a multiplatform app on HTML5 and Javascript (Web app) we are also your mobile application development team. In addition to the design and development we will manage the upload and publish it in the Appstore, Google Play, and Windows Store, and, if you need it, we will design an online marketing strategy to make your app known to potential users and win in the app store. Your website will be displayed perfectly on all devices, both desktops, and laptops, tablets, and smartphones, in all browsers always meeting the strictest requirements for usability, accessibility and lead generation.

If you need it, we will also take care of your website’s online marketing strategy, search engine positioning and your online communication strategy to reach your business objectives, web design is just the beginning. We specialize in app design as well as the development oriented to the conversion and generation of business contacts, subscribers or sales, applying the most efficient techniques in the design process of user experience and responsive web design.

Not only this but the tech witty develops opensource websites, both web-based development and web solutions on opensource CMS based on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Our team of interaction design and user experience will be responsible for responsive web design fully tailored to your goals and our technical team will move the design to a responsive HTML5 / CSS / JS layout. Later we will develop a frontend that will engage your users, along with a backend as it will facilitate content management.