Whiskey, the age old drink for the beginners

The golden coloured liquid is the number 1 on the list of a lot of people; having it on the rocks with soda or water is what most of us relish. Everybody has their own preference when it comes to choosing the golden liquid; some prefer a stronger one while some prefer the lighter. Most of the men usually prefer having the whiskey or the favourite golden liquid at the bar. There are various brands, types, terms and ways of drinking whiskey that can be really confusing for someone who has just started having whiskey.

What exactly is whiskey? It is the term that is given to distilled spirits; scotch, rye and bourbon are the different types of whiskeys that are similar in taste but are different because of the grain that is used to make them; the location where it was distilled and its time period is all that makes these three types differ from each other. The most common question in the mind of a beginner is that where should he/ she start from? See it is quiet confusing and reading whisky anmeldelser would not really help much. Irrespective of the type of whiskey you are trying it is important to talk to someone who knows something about whiskey, so that you can start with a light whiskey in the beginning.

Whiskey guide for beginners

If all your efforts are going in vain and you are unable to make a choice then. Here are a few facts that can help and guide you in choosing the right whiskey.

  • The subtypes of whiskey : Being a beginner it is important to know that whiskey also has its subtypes; there is the single malt which is the most common and it is made from mixing whiskey at the distillery, its age is the youngest and it is the most common type of whiskey that can be found at the bars. Then the second subtype is the single cask whiskey; which is distilled from one single cask, this kind of whiskey is found in distilleries which are quite small or are sold by major novelty brands. Third subtype if of the blended whiskey, which is made from blending all the same type of whiskey together; Johnnie walker is purely blended whiskey. From all these subtypes being a beginner it is better to start with a single malt, as it can help you judge what you like.
  • The way of drinking  : Now that you are sure about the type and the subtype it is important to know that there are various ways of having whiskey; so you need to figure that for yourself. The four main ways of having whiskey are:
  • Have it neat : A lot of people prefer having neat whiskey as it is considered to be the purest way of drinking whiskey. The main reason for this is to taste the distilled spirit the way it is; but still being a beginner one should not try having neat whiskey because you will surely start hating it.
  • With water : This is considered to be the best way of having whiskey; for beginners especially this is considered to be the best way. Having whiskey with eater can help you enjoy tour drink and you would also enjoy having it.
  • On the rocks : A lot of whiskey lovers like to have their whiskey on the rocks; though a lot of people are not in its favour but a lot of people who enjoy having ice cold whiskey can have it on the rocks.
  • Cocktail : Another way of having whiskey is by mixing it with another drink as a cocktail. For having it as a cocktail one should never use a high ended whiskey.

So rather than referring to the whisky anmeldelser it is better if a beginner follows these basic guidelines.

Things to know about drinking whiskey

For whiskey beginners here are a few helpful tips:

  • It is said that the older the better, but it is nothing like that. It totally depends upon the taste of a person; a whisky that is young can taste fruity while the older one can be a lot complex in taste. The longer the scotch is kept in the cask the more the flavour; the colour of the whiskey also depended on the cask. So there is nothing as older the better.
  • It looks best in tulip glasses- Whiskey should always be served and had in tulip glasses rather than the large tumblers. The tulip glasses help in capturing the aroma of the whiskey.
  • One should not swirl the whiskey- Swirling can lead to the loss of the taste of the whiskey and the aroma which is why it should bit be swirled.
  • Room temperature- It is better to serve the whiskey at the room temperature with tap water; that is only if you prefer having it with water. In case you prefer cold whiskey then you can have it with ice, but it is better to have it at room temperature.
  • Beginner malt- First beginners should start with the malt and then move to the expensive one. It is better to start with a malt to get a hand of the taste of whiskey.

Some of the best types of whiskeys that one should definitely try are:

  • The bourbon
  • The Tennessee whiskey
  • Rye whiskey
  • Scotch
  • Irish whiskey
  • Canadian whiskey

These are some of the best types of whiskeys that one can try, these are some of the best ones, if you feel the need to know more about them ask somebody who drinks whiskey rather than going on the whisky anmeldelser that are given online.

Whiskey is a great drink for those who are beginners and are new to drinking, but always keep in mind the guidelines given for a great drinking experience. One should take their times, start slowly and then go ahead with the blended whiskey.

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