Tips for buying your next Smartphone

Choosing the right Smartphone keeps getting increasingly challenging with amazing new products from Apple, Samsung, and Google seeking your attention, in addition to the several other brands for consumers working with a smaller budget. This guide will help you make a better choice when buying your next Smartphone.

They have covered everything you need to know from the operating system, camera, processor, screen size, to pricing. With the wide variety of choice is the market buying is not easy anymore. So much of choice. Life without a mobile phone cannot be dreamt of. Their many good phones in the market which give you very good features and a very nice camera, which you can enjoy, you can see specifications and reviews on each phone on amazing website like keuzehelper, these are have lots of good information for you on this topic. Here are some quick tips to guide you as you shop for your next amazing Smartphone:

Choosing between Android and iOS: Most people are torn between choosing an Android phone and going for an iOS. While an iOS is a whole lot easier to use, Android comes with more choices and options. If you are caught in this web, you can go for an iPhone. An iPhone offers you ease of use and comes with some of the hottest apps. You can also update your apps without hurdles when you choose an iPhone. However, if you want more affordable options or wish to make more hardware choices, an Android Smartphone is your best bet. This is not an easy one to answer, with so much of choice which operating system to go in for is not an easy answer to give. But if you read some good articles on keuzehelper, it will help you understand which operating system could be better for your needs and which one you should go in for, though there are lots of choices.

You can pay less for that great Smartphone: You don’t have to spend all your savings on that Smartphone you crave. An iPhone 8, Galaxy S8 and premium Android phones will cost you between $700-$1,000; there are, however, some great unlocked-phone options you can get at a much cheaper rate. With $300, you can get a good Smartphone if you know where to shop. Keep in mind that you can buy online and offline based on your needs. If you buy online then you may save some extra money if there are some offers on. But even the offline world is catching up, also here you can get a good feel for the product. It is always better to buy something after getting a feel for it. This makes the buying also much easier.

Choose the right screen size: If you care about one-hand use or have a smaller hand, you should go for a Smartphone with less than 5.5 inches screen. If you enjoy watching videos or playing video games on your phone, you can go for one with a bigger screen. This is a tricky one to answer and everyone has a different opinion on this subject and based on your needs you should be selecting the right screen size for yourself, if you are a gamer or a movie watcher then a bigger screen is always better and would give you better results.

Pay less attention to the camera’s megapixels: The camera has become another very important feature of the Smartphone next to the battery life. You should pay more attention to features like apertures-the lower the number, the better, optical image stabilization, and dual lenses. You can ignore the megapixels. Everyone wants good cameras and people make memories with it and hence this is a very important feature one should think of. If you have a good camera then it should give you some very good pictures which will be with you for life.

The processor: Well, most phones now come with very good performance. But you wish to enjoy more augmented reality and game power, you should go for an Android phone with Snapdragon 835 processor. The fastest mobile chip so far is the A11 Bionic processor in iPhone X, 8 Plus and iPhone 8. This will decide how fast you mobile should work but the price will also be higher for high-end processors.

Go for a Smartphone that lasts more than 10 hours on single charge: Some Smartphones come with lower battery lives. When buying, insist on phones whose batteries will get you through the day on a single charge. A good number of brands come with good battery lives.

Your Smartphone storage should be up to 32GB: Avoid those Smartphones with 16GB storage even the budget models. A 32GB Smartphone will help you store more photos, videos, and games to help you enjoy your phone the more. While you can expand your phone storage with an SD card, some Smartphones do not offer you this feature. This will help a great deal and will make storage much easier.


The important thing is to get the best features to enable you to enjoy great value for your money. So, make sure you pay attention to these tips when buying. Read keuzehelper, and get very good information and that should make you buying very easy and you will surely be happy with the product if it is but after proper research.