Aquasana water filter review

Do you find it uncomfortable when using your water? Does your hair dry after bathing with that water? If the response to any of these questions is yes, then you need a long lasting water filter like Aquasana.

Aquasana, by and large, was one of the best brands in the market known for producing some of the best water filters.

Today we take a chance and look at the model that can provide a 10-year cool water filtration span of your entire domestic water.


According to Aquasana is a US-based brand that produces water filters and softeners. They also manufacturer shower filters and water heaters. This brand is one of the outstanding for domestic water treatment.

From their many gadgets, you can choose either whole house water softening and filtration system or a small water filter for a specific application.

To help you understand and choose the best water filter, below is the review on Aquasana 10-Year, 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House Water Filter.

Top-partaking Highlights of Aquasana water filter

Four-phase filter

With this type of filter, you should now have clean water for showering, drinking, and cooking. There is no doubt that you will be comfortable when using the water passed through this filter.

With the four-phase filtering system, you will get better tasting water, healthy-looking hair, and skin.

A whole house filter

Unlike alternative models, which must be installed in certain zones such as under the sink or in the sink, this is a whole house filter. This makes it possible to have clean water for every member of the family. Therefore, you should find the model as exceptional for your home and even office.


Regarding the performance of this Aquasana water filter, one has to appreciate what this model brings to its users. It is vital that the model accompanies four phases of filtration. With each of the four steps, NSF certified concerning filtration of chlorine. This should be among the reasons why you should buy this model for you and your family today.


Concerning its installation requirement, the Aquasana is very simple to install when compared to other four phase filters. Therefore, it is not time-consuming even if you will set it up all by yourself.

Although when you find it a problem, you will have to look for an expert that can handle the installation.

However, when doing it by yourself, It is required that you install the water filter before the water heater. You are also needed to fix it close to the primary water inlet.

This makes it possible to filter the water flowing out of the radiator significantly and keep the heated water warm for some extended time.

Pros-what we liked about Aquasana water filter

  • Ten years of operation or One million gallons of water¬†– premium water filtration for healthy water in your entire home for the lifespan of up to 10 years
  • Believed to have the capacity of filtering up to 97% of Chlorine¬† -so you will get Exceptionally Tasting Water from Every Faucet in Your Home.
  • Good-looking skin and hair – it reduces the appearance of your body to irreconcilable chlorine and manufactured synthetic mixtures that can cause harm to your skin and hair.
  • Salt-free water filtering process – it uses a salt-free process. Thus you will do not have scale buildup on internal pipes and plumps.

Cons-why it can suck

  • It said to be somehow expensive when compared to other four-phase water filters.
  • Requires a professional installer not to void the warrant provision. Hiring a professional is another expense.

Final verdict

The Aquasana water filter is considered a top performer it comes to achieving the objective. It is one of the best filters you can buy in this era.

If you compare its costs with the performance, you will find that it is justified regardless of how much you are going to pay for it. With the best possible four-phase filtration of water, you can feel safe when using this filter at your home.

Since it also complies with all NSF requirements, it is indeed something that you would need for your family. Just go ahead and get Aquasana water filter if you have been looking for a four-phase water filter for your home.

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