How much do Yorkies Eat?

Are you a fan of Yorkshire Terriers or Yorkies? These tiny dogs are extremely beautiful. They almost look ornamental because of their tiny frame and beauty. Yorkies are also bold and brave, despite their size. Further, Yorkshire Terriers have unique nutritional needs that you should pay more attention to when buying dog food. The best food for yorkies can be found on Recommended by experts, the nutritious dog food shown on this site will build your little dog’s small body and enhance its immune system.

One thing you should keep in mind is that Yorkies have tiny tummies to match their small bodies. They can only eat small meals at a time and so they should feed all through the day. As they are commonly known to suffer from low blood sugar, the small meal portions can be super helpful. You will need to be more careful when feeding puppies; a small bite at a time is the way to go.

Choice of food

It will be extremely important to select food with tiny bite-size bits because a toy dog such as a Yorkie has a tiny mouth. The food should be calorie-rich too. Small dogs tend to use a lot more energy than bigger dogs. Hence, they need calorie-dense food to survive. You shouldn’t worry about them getting overweight because they burn more calories than larger dogs. Small dogs’ food has more calories than that of larger dogs that get fat easily. If you will give your dog canned, wet food, make sure that you also give it some crunchy nibbles like biscuits and dental toys for dogs.

These will help clean its crowded teeth that usually hide food particles. If you have more than one dog to feed, opt for the best dry/kibble food as canned food will be too expensive. But should the best food for yorkies be grain-free? The answer is yes and this kind of food is becoming so trendy these days. As dogs would prefer eating meat to grains naturally, it makes sense to get them a meaty food with some carbs. But if your dog doesn’t have corn allergies or sensitivity to other grains, including wheat, you can buy food that has a small percentage of grains.

What calorie intake is recommended by experts?

Yorkshire Terriers have varying weights. Some weigh four to six pounds, but those with larger bodies can weigh ten to twelve pounds. Another thing to note is that these tiny dogs can be picky and proud. If you want to waste food, then go on and spoil them. You will not meet their demands if you tolerate their finicky behaviors. Per day, each Yorkie dog needs to eat forty-five to fifty-five calories per a pound of body weight. Since some food brands provide calorie-dense food, you should figure out how much your dog should eat per day based on its weight.

But what calories types should you pick? Generally, Yorkies should eat protein from pure fish, beef, chicken, turkey or lamb. Soy-based products are not much recommended. Calories from rice and sweet potatoes are great too, as these have enough carbohydrates. Fish oil is okay, as long as the dog likes it as it will maintain the sheen of their fur. A puppy that is nine months to one year old should be old enough to eat adult dog food. The smaller puppies should eat utmost four times a day while an adult Yorkie should eat one to two times per day. Ensure that you are not giving your puppies and adult dogs more than enough calories per day to avoid weight gain.

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